Our vision

A luxury hotel in a historic castle in Italy

Freudenstein Castle has undergone important changes over the centuries, both inside and out. Several noble families have lived here for generations, each family leaving their mark. When we took over the residence, the goal was to revive the spirit of the past with our vision projected into the future.

Amid charm and inspiration

Enchanted by the spell of distant times that envelops the castle like a fairy-tale silk cloak, we have awakened it from its deep slumber. As if it were Sleeping Beauty, we have given a kiss of life to every room, painting or architectural element to make the countless stories that linger inside this noble fortress come alive to new visitors and guests.

One family, one mission

Our primary intention was to preserve this legendary medieval castle  from the decadence that loomed over its walls, and then to merge the mysterious aura of the stately home with luxurious living comfort, for guests who aspire to an extraordinary stay. Our greatest desire is being able to offer a prestigious, elegant holiday environment combined with timeless artistic beauty.