Wine is poetry in a bottle

A bouquet of intoxicating aromas

In addition to hospitality, another one of our passions are wine production. It’s not surprising, given that we are in one of the most renowned wine areas of South Tyrol! It still fascinates us to see how these sweet fruits, hanging clusters from the vines can be transformed into fine vintage wines, pleasant to sip on their own or to harmoniously accompany meals. It is from the desire to share this passion with you while supporting local productions of excellence, that we organize exclusive tastings, so you can learn more about the entire spectrum of aromas of the best red and white wines.

Our estate

If you look towards the lush vineyards around the castle, you will already see our precious treasure: our vines, which we cultivate with care and that offer us excellent wines year after year. What’s more, we also produce a high quality sparkling wine according to the Classic Method.

Our tastings

We would be delighted if you would like to participate in one of our tastings and embark on a journey of aromas and flavours. You will taste the best red and white wines as well as fine spumante and prosecco of own production.