/ 800 years of Freudenstein

Built in the early Middle Ages, Schloss Freudenstein was probably commissioned by
the Eysenbrands of Freudenstein. The castle was owned by an aristocratic family,
the Fuchs von Fuchsbergs, from the 15th century until the end of the 19th century,
when it was bought by Baron Heinrich von Siebold. The baron, who was a secretary
to the Austro-Ungarian legation, had the estate substantially extended and renovated.

In 1968, Bernhard Walterscheid-Müller came into ownership of the castle and turned
it into a conference centre after some renovation works.
In 1987, Dr. Hans Meraner of San Michele became the new owner.

Today, the castle is owned by the Fink-Gostner family, who commissioned further
renovation works in 2016 with a view to making the castle an elegant venue for
private and corporate events.

/ sale

Le raffinate e ampie sale del castello sono ideali per un ricevimento
di nozze e di altre celebrazioni, inoltre, le spaziose stanze del castello, sono
perfette per stimolare motivazione, creatività tra i collaboratori.

/ The garden

In warmer weather, guests can enjoy the lush green lawns and elegant trees in our
historic garden.

/ The chapel

The chapel of St. Andrew was built in the 13th century and first appeared in official
records in 1231. In 1379 “bona S. Andree de Freudenstayn” was mentioned in
reference to the plots of land belonging to the chapel of St. Andrew in Freudenstein.
Around 1519, the then owners had the chapel rebuilt in the style of the time, with a
pointed arch and three plain towers on the roof, one of which now houses a bell from 1680.
Mass was celebrated daily by a priest or castle chaplain. The chaplains stayed at the
castle until 1786, when the local chaplaincy of St. Michael was established.

The chapel is available for religious celebrations including weddings and